Press release – Entries are now open for the Gauteng Chapter of the South African National Qiraa’atul Qur’aan Competition

The South Africa Qur’aan Union (SAQU) has hosted a national Qiraa’ah (Qur’aan recital) competition in Cape Town for the last decade. This event, which will once again peak in the mother city, is the largest gathering of Qur’aan reciters of its kind in the country. The event is recognised worldwide and is administered according to international standards.

press release1This landmark initiative is an attempt to honour the efforts of students and teachers of the Holy Qur’aan throughout the world. It serves as an added encouragement for individuals to improve, and hence the aim of the competition is to promote and maintain high levels of Qur’anic learning and service, as well as to train and earmark successful (local) candidates for international platforms.

In 2016, for the third consecutive year, the South African Qur’aan Union (SAQU) has teamed up with AWQAF SA to host the Gauteng Chapter of the event, whilst the KZN edition has been jointly hosted with Madrasah Tarteelul Qur’aan since 2013. The Gauteng Chapter extends to participants from the Gauteng, North West, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the Northern Cape provinces. A female category, will, for the second year, also form part of the Gauteng competition.

The competition is open to all willing male and female participants of any nationality. Contestants will be evaluated on their ability to present and recite the Qur’aan beautifully, and not on their memorization skills. Whilst participants do not need to have memorised the Qur’aan in order to participate, special focus will be put on the correct recitation of the text. There is also no entry fee for contestants.

Winners from each region will gain automatic entrance to the International Qur’aan Recital Award (IQRA) competition that will be held in Cape Town during September 2016. The 2014 and 2015 editions of this event boasted up to 80 male and female reciters from ten nationalities. Successful reciters from the IQRA event are recommended by SAQU to represent South Africa on international platforms throughout the world. press release2

An additional feature in this year’s program will be the introduction of the ‘Servant of the Holy Qur’aan Award. The auspicious gathering will be used as a platform to recognise and honor a selected individual for his/ her service of the Qur’aan in terms of its promotion or preservation in the country.

The Gauteng Chapter is scheduled to be held at the Bosmont Masjid on 14 May 2016, from after Thuhr, whilst the KZN edition is to take place from 9am on 28 May at Madrasah Tarteelul Quran in Pietermaritzburg. A preliminary round for males under the age of 16 will be held on 23 April 2016 at Masjid-ul-Huda in Robertsham for Gauteng contestants.

The South African National Qur’aan Competition 2016 will feature a special guest appearance by world renowned Qur’aan reciter, Qari Anwar Hasin. The Malaysian national, who will be brought in to serve on the panel of judges, has participated and achieved positions at nine regional and international Qur’aan contests. Details of a national tour by the Qari, which is to take place on the sidelines of the event, will be announced shortly. As a developer and full-time trainer of young reciters in his country, Qari Anwar Hasin will certainly be a great motivator for up- and coming local Qurraa.

All are welcome to attend and participate in the programs. MRM sounds will facilitate audio streaming of the events on http// while Channel4SA will present a live video broadcast of the Bosmont program to the global audience. Regular updates will also be given on Radio Al Ansaar. Meals will be served at both the Bosmont and Pietermaritzburg events, inshaa’ Allah.

Entries for the male under 16 category closes on 15 April 2016 and on 6 May 2016 for all other applicants entering the Gauteng Chapter. Deadline for the KZN leg is on 20 May 2016. Contestant guidelines and the online entry form is available on

For further information contact:
Gauteng- Ml. Anees Kara, 074 786 1799,
Kwa- Zulu Natal- Qari Ismail Abdul Aziz, 083 268 2801,
Media and public relations- Mickaeel Collier 0822164269/ Zeinoul Cajee 0847861409,