National Qiraa’atul Qur’aan Competition wraps up

The Gauteng and Kwa- Zulu Natal editions of the South African National Qiraa’atul Qur’aan competition was respectively concluded on 14 and 28 May 2016.

Hosted by the South African Qur’aan Union, Madrasah Tarteelul Qur’aan, and Awqaf SA, the event aims to develop local reciters and maintain a high standard of Qur’aan recitation in the country. The contest was established 11 years ago in Cape Town and has since added on regional chapters in Kwa- Zulu Natal and Gauteng.

A total of 75 male and female contestants participated in the two events. Budding reciters from various local and outlaying towns participated in the challenge, together with resident students that hails from some African and Asian countries. The contest, which focusses on the correct and beautiful presentation of the Holy Qur’aan, was adjudicated and overseen by a number of prominent Qur’aan experts from various parts of the country. Leading Qur’aan reciter from Malaysia, Qari Anwar Bin Hasin, also provided vital input and assistance on the adjudication panel.

The regional category winners are as follows:

Gauteng Edition, Bosmont Masjid, 14 May 2016-

Female category:

  1. Jauhara Moruledi, Johannesburg
  2. Ammaarah Boomgaard, Johannesburg


  1. Saad Amien, Maraisburg
  2. M. Zakariyya Mentoor,
  3. Aadam Hendricks


  1. Taariq Ismail Cajee, Roodepoort
  2. M. Uwaiz Mohideen, Erasmia
  3. Hamza Harrar, Azaadville


  1. M. Al Nawawi Bourhan, Malaysia
  2. M. Zahwuddeen Zardad, Newclare
  3. Ridhwaan Kaka, Helderkruin


  1. Zaid Kara, Maraisburg
  2. Zaahid Kader, Mondeor
  3. Tohier Kara, Maraisburg


Kwa- Zulu Natal Edition, Madrasah Tarteelul Quran, 28 May 2016-


  1. Muhammed Tikly, Vryheid
  2. M. Ozayr Eshak, PMB
  3. Abduragheem Brown, CPT


  1. Abdullah Faziri, Newcastle
  2. El Hadjie Hassani, Comoros
  3. Talha Mahomedy, Durban


  1. Talha Kadoo, PMB
  2. Muhammad Amanah, Newcastle
  3. Abdul Wahabism Combo, Comoros


  1. Tihami Mahamoud, Comoros
  2. Hamdan Abdul Muhsin, Malaysia
  3. Saleem Juma, Malawi

Champs of Champs

  1. Muhammad Aziz, PMB & Zaakir Docrat, Dundee
  2. Abduraghmaan Basha, Newcastle
  3. Ridhaa Abrahams, CPT

These reciters, together with the winners of the Western Cape section of the competition will participate in the International Qur’aan Recital Award (IQRA) due to take place in Cape Town, South Africa, on 24 and 25 September, 2016, inshaa’allah. The Western Cape edition is slated for 22 and 23 September.

The national competition was marked with the launch of the book, ‘Advice for the Qari’. Jointly published by the South African Qur’aan Union, Madrasah Tarteelul Qur’aan, and Awqaf SA, the publication provides invaluable and useful recommendations for upcoming Qur’aan reciters.

The organisers would like to thank all contestants, judges, sponsors, and volunteers, etc. who supported the event.

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