Qari Anuar Hasin and Qari Abdullah Dawud South Africa Tours 2016

Qari Anuar was the champion reciter in the state of Perak for four consecutive years (2009- 2013). He emerged as the winner of the Malaysian national Qur’aan competition in 2013, and achieved the second runner- up position on international level in the same year. Anwar HasinHe was also adjudicated as the top reciter amongst the Asian countries two years ago. Being a distinguished reciter, he was afforded the opportunity to teach Qiraa’aat on university level and is currently employed at the Islamic Science University of Malaysia. He is a popular presenter of Qur’aan recital and development programs for youth throughout the country.

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Sheikh Abdullah Dawud, aged 35, began his early Islamic education in his homeland, Tanzania, and later qualified as a specialist in the sciences of Qiraa’aat at Dar al- Mustafa, Tarim, Yemen. He obtained second position at an International Qiraa’ah competition in 2010 and shared platforms with Qari Ahmad Naeena, Sh Farajallah Ash-Shaadhili, and other outstanding Qurraa from all over the world. IQRA tour PosterSince completing his term in Malaysia, he is presently teaching Qiraa’aat in the United Kingdom.

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