The South African Qur’aan Union coordinates and host Qur’anic programs and activities throughout the country which includes the annual National Qur’aan Awards, the hosting of international dignitaries and Qur’aan specialists in South Africa, weekly programs at various mosques, Qur’aanic literacy programs as well as a special youth development program.

The organisation consists of dedicated individuals that include some prominent local Ulama, Qurraa and students of the Qur’aan

Qur’aan recital programs

The organization often host Qur’aan recital programs throughout South Africa showcasing the best of local and international reciters whilst creating platforms to motivate and encourage upcoming Qurraa.

Lecture programs and workshops

In an attempt to further create an awareness and understanding of the message of the Holy Qur’aan, the South African Qur’aan Union holds regular lecture programs and interactive workshops.

Hosting of International Qur’aan reciters, experts and scholars.

The South African Qur’aan Union enjoys contact with a number of prominent international Qur’aan scholars, institutions and foreign governments, which allows the organization to host some of the most proficient Qur’aan reciters and academics in the world.

Supporting Qur’aanic activities

By nature of its activities, the organization was able to create an extensive network of individuals and institutions throughout South Africa that are involved with the propagation of the Holy Qur’aan whether directly or indirectly. This enabled us to create partnerships and joint initiatives thereby spreading the beauty of Qur’aan to people across the country whilst creating a spirit of cooperation and mutual support for the sake of promoting the Holy Qur’aan.

Special programs

The Women’s League of the South African Qur’aan Union are dedicated in creating platforms aimed at increasing awareness of the Holy Qur’aan in terms of its recitation, understanding and interpretations amongst females.

Interschool Qur’aan Competition

A joint initiative between the South African Qur’aan Union and Islamic Relief World Wide saw the harnessing of young talents amongst school- going children with relation to Qur’aan recitations, speeches, translations and program coordination. This is an annual program held during the month of Ramadan.

National Women’s Day Program

South African National Zakah Fund, Radio 786 and South African Qur’aan Union initiated an annual program in recognition of the contribution of women in Islam and the society.