Darul Qur’aan Institute

An important function of the organisation is a Qur’aan literacy program, which is the corner stone of its activities.
Our reports indicate that over the last few years there has been a tremendous increase in young children (and especially girls) wanting to learn and memorize the Holy Qur’aan in South Africa. While many Hifdh schools has opened since then all over the country, and are providing the youth with the best form of education, there is the obvious need to create follow- up or post- Hifdh programs, where the Haafidh can continue and achieve specialization in the various disciplines of Qur’anic knowledge. It is against this backdrop that the South African Qur’aan Union established the Daarul Qur’aan Institution of Higher Education, which is developing into a center that serves and harnesses the intellectual talent of the Haafidh.

The school comprises two sections- a fulltime Hifdh class for boys and girls and a special program for toddlers.

These classes, which are overseen with an academic and technical perspective by qualified and experienced teachers, is further divided into three categories:

1. Preparation class:

This section concentrates on Tajweed and Qur’aan reading only and equips the student with all that is needed before the actual memorizing of the Qur’aan. This class is aimed at learners who have little or no knowledge of Qur’aan recitation.

2. Full time Hifdh Madrassah for youth

The course is to comprise the subsequent:

  • A full time Hifdh class running from Monday to Friday- 08:00am to 17:00pm
  • Tajweed lessons focusing on the correct pronunciation of letters with their qualities.
  • Strict revision program: students are required to recite up to 4 Ajzaa a day.
  • Deeniyat- Essential knowledge regarding Fiqh and related subjects derived from authentic classical works.
  • Course in Arabic with translation of the Holy Qur’aan.
3. Full time Hifdh Madrassah for toddlers
  • Children from as young as 3- 6yrs old are taught how to read and memorize the Quran.
  • Islamic mannerism, Qasaaid and daily duas are also taught.
  • This program serves to create an Islamic identity in the child.
  • its designed to enhance his/ her memory from an early age.
  • children are brought up in an environment of Quran, thereby creating an early attachment to the Holy Book.
4. Part time Hifdh:

Part time Hifdh class for school going children from 15:30 to 17:30, Monday to Thursday.

Amongst the many successful outcomes we achieve from this course, we highlight the following:

  • A proven and time-tested method of teaching that focuses mainly on Tajweed and revision
  • Community programs: the students are encouraged and trained to participate on public platforms at various programs and functions including Qur’aan competitions, leading Taraweeh Salaah, reciting Khatams in the community, ect.
  • Learners are knowledgeable regarding Fiqh issues and can assist with Imaamat, Janaazah duties, etc.
  • Students are able to understand the meanings of the verses that they memorize.
  • Teacher’s commitment: Teacher is willing to teach students to recite the Qur’aan from scratch.
  • Teachers to have regular meetings with parents.
  • Daily and monthly progress reports are forwarded to parents.
The classes are situated at the Institute of Islamic Shariah Studies in Heideveld and at Daarul Qaraar Masjid in Wynberg, Cape Town.
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