International Qur’aan Recital Award Regionals 2017 Info and Registration

Type of competition

Contestants will be judged on their ability to recite the Qur’aan beautifully in Mujawwad/ Tajweed (very slow pace) form. Participants who do not recite according the required pace will automatically be disqualified. As this is not a Hifdh (memorization) competition, contestants may recite from an open Mus’haf (Qur’aan) and do not need to be fully Haafidh in order to participate. Contestants are allowed to recite other than the recitation of Hafs ‘an Asim (eg. Qaloon, Warsh, etc) but may only follow one form of Qiraa’aat during the presentation.

Categories of participation:

1. Male section: The male category is divided in four age groups (U15, U18, U23, and 24yrs +). The age group is considered as per your age after 30 June for the current year. So if (for example) you turn 16 after 30 June 2017, you will fall in the U18 category. Please note that the organisers might change (lower or rise) the (age) categories in accordance with the amount of participants in the competition or based on the outcome of any preliminary screenings.
2. Female section (Gauteng only): The female section is an open- aged category of only one round. Females are advised not to participate if they are experiencing their menses.

Deadline for submitting of application forms
Gauteng Kwa- Zulu Natal
12 July 19 July
Conditions for participation:

Any person from any nationality is allowed to participate provided they have not been awarded first position in the IQRA event in Cape Town for the years 2016/ 2015/ 2014.

Program of events:

Date Event Time Venue
23 July Gauteng Female competition After Dhur Bosmont Masjid
22 July Gauteng U16 & U18 competition 10am Lakefield Masjid
22 July Gauteng U23 & 24+ competition After Zhur Lakefield Masjid
29 July KZN U16 & U18 competition From 9am MTQ, Pietermaritzburg
29 July KZN U23 & 24+ competition From 11am MTQ, Pietermaritzburg
Please take note of the following in preparation of your recital:

Tajweed- Commandments/ Ahkaam (40 points): Points will be deducted for each non- observance of a particular Tajweed rule. If the
participant makes a mistake that changes the meaning of the word and rectifies it in the same breath, he loses two points. If he repeats the verse with a new breath, three points will be deducted, and should he continue to the next verse without rectifying the mistake, the adjudication panel will correct him and up to 30 points will be deducted.

Tajweed- Eloquence/ Fasaaha (20 points): Points will be deducted for not observing correct stopping at the proper places. A point will also be deducted for repeating a verse. Ten points will be lost for breathing while reciting a verse.

Lah’n/ Beautiful presentation (25 points): Points will be deducted for repeating the same tune, for reciting with unusual tunes, and for applying a rhythm, style and tune variation that is not beautiful. The participant however gains up to four points (every time) when the tune conforms and corresponds with the meaning of the verse and if he completes all the levels of a maqaam.

Saut/ Voice (15 points): Points will be deducted for nervousness, screaming, reading through the nose, unclear, broken or non- flexibility of the voice and for weak breath control. One point will also be deducted for every minute that the contestant goes overtime.

General guidelines:
  1. All applicants will receive an SMS/ email confirming that their application form has been received.
  2. Successful entrants (males) will receive an email the Thursday night (two nights) prior to their date of appearance with details on what (verses) they should prepare for the competition
  3. Contestants are not allowed to recite verses other than those that were allocated, nor may they add other verses (eg. from another Juz or Surah) to their recitation.
  4. If the allocated verse is close to the end of a Surah/ Juz, the contestant may continue into the next Surah/ Juz, provided the time allocation allows for it.
  5. Three participants from each category will qualify for automatic participation and as finalists in the International Qur’aan Recital Award (IQRA) to take place in Cape Town in September.
  6. Each contestant will receive a name tag on the day of his/ her appearance. This tag should be visible at all times whenever you enter the competition venue.
  7. At the time of appearance, you will be seated on the platform introducing yourself as follows: ‘Assalaamu Alaikum. My name is ___________ from _______________ (town, country) and I will be reciting from Surah _____, verse _______.’ A green light will indicate that you may commence with your introduction, whilst an orange light will show that you have one minute left, followed by a red light indicating that your time has expired
  8. A Qur’aan will be provided at the venue, but you are allowed to use your own Qur’aan.
  9. Participants must be on time at all events and are advised to be well prepared and strive to give their best. It is important to maintain a strict discipline and to observe all ritual befitting the people of the Qur’aan.
  10. No contestant (or their parent/ guardian) are allowed to have unnecessary contact with the judges.
  11. The expertise, independence, and arbitration of each judge will be respected and absolutely no discussions, rating, or queries regarding a contestant’s performance is to be held with the judges before, during, or after the contest
  12. All queries, complaints, or requests for clarifications are to be directed at the judge president or the administration team
  13. The organisers reserve the right to immediately disqualify any contestant that is found to be smoking, showing inappropriate behaviour, contact with the opposite sex, or involved in any misdemeanour whilst being at the event.
  14. South African nationals who win any of the competition categories at the IQRA in Cape Town will be considered to represent the country at international competitions based on the invitations we receive and the criteria as set out by the host countries.
  15. We therefore advise you to apply for/ renew (in case of expiry) your South African passport.

On behalf of the organisers, panel of judges, and sponsors we wish you all the best. – Competition organising committee

For any further enquiries, please contact

Gauteng: Basheer Ahmed Salajee- 074 229 3754/
KZN: Qr Ismail Abdul Aziz- 083 268 2801/
Public Relations: Ml Obeidullah Bhoja- 071 878 9748/ Ml Anees Kara- 074 786 8866