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    Taraweeh 2017 – Consolidated list of venues and reciters across South Africa

    As part of its ‘No Haafidh left Behind Campaign’, the South African Qur’aan Union (SAQU) has extended its scope to …

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    No Haafidh left behind!! Taraweeh Placement Initiative 2017

    The South African Qur’aan Union has launched an initiative titled, “No Haafidh left behind- Taraweeh 2017”, a campaign dedicated to giving every memorizer of the Qur’aan an opportunity to lead Taraweeh Salaah in a Masjid, permanent Musallah or a temporary Musallah established for this purpose.

    Through the online Reciters Database, a list of Huffaadh who are available to lead the Taraaweeh prayers during Ramadhaan 2017 will be established. This will provide venues across the country an opportunity to select Huffaadh, interact with them, and ultimately select who they would like to lead the Taraaweeh prayers at the respective venue.

    The initiative serves as a link- up platform for the benefit of Huffaath and Masjid committees. Any reciter/ Haafidh are welcome to request their details to be added on the list whereupon the Masjid may make direct contact with the respective reciter. The reciter has to be registered on the Reciters Database and supply an audio recording (of at least three minutes) that includes his full name and place of residence, the complete Surah Al Faatiha, as well as a short recitation from anywhere in the Qur’aan. Only reciters who have supplied the relevant details will be added to the list.

    Follow the links below to learn more…

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  • Iqra2016

    The South African Qur’aan Union hosts a successful IQRA 2016 from 22- 25 September 2016 at the Giedmatul Islamia Masjid, Cape Town.

    The annual International Quraan Recital Awards (IQRA) successfully took place from 22- 25 September 2016 at the Giedmatul Islamia (Taronga road) Masjid, in Rondebosch East, Cape Town.

    Organised by the South African Quraan Union, Rondebosch East Islamic Trust (incorporating the Giedmatul Islamia Masjid), Awqaf SA, and Madrasah Tarteelul Quraan (Pietermaritzburg), the event is an attempt to honour the efforts of teachers and students involved with propagating the Quraan and its principles in South Africa. The occasion is also used as a platform to train upcoming local reciters for international competitions and to maintain high standards of recitation.

    Preceded by various preliminary programs throughout the country, the final event registered a number of 74 male and female participants during the four- day occasion.
    Contestants in the male section were divided into four age categories whilst the female division comprised of an open- aged recitation challenge.

    Mariam Gallie and Abdurraghiem Brown from Cape Town, Abdullah Faziri from Newcastle, Muhammad Al Nawawi from Malaysia, and Zaid Kara from Johannesburg, emerged as the winners of the female, under 15, under 18, under 23, and over 24 years categories respectively.

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    National Qiraa’atul Qur’aan Competition wraps up

    The Gauteng and Kwa- Zulu Natal editions of the South African National Qiraa’atul Qur’aan competition was respectively concluded on 14 …

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    Press release – Entries are now open for the Gauteng Chapter of the South African National Qiraa’atul Qur’aan Competition

    The South Africa Qur’aan Union (SAQU) has hosted a national Qiraa’ah (Qur’aan recital) competition in Cape Town for the last …

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    Annual Qiraa’ah program held at Masjiduth Thaanie- September 2008

    Masjiduth Thaanie in Mitchell’s Plain held its annual Qiraa’ah program in conjuction with South African Qur’aan Union on 28 September …

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  • Mustapha Ghalwash

    Ghalwash comes to Cape Town- May 2008

    The renowned master of Qur’aan recitation, Sh Raaghib Mustafa Ghalwash visited Cape Town from 1- 5 May 2008 on invitation …

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    South African Qur’aan Union hosts successful Awards event- December 2008

    The National Qur’aan Awards (NQA), hosted by the South African Qur’aan Union successfully came to a close on 21 December …

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  • Aneesa Jabaar

    Special programmes for females launched for month of Ramadan- September 2008,

    South African Qur’aan Union’s Women’s League successfully hosted three enlightening programs during the month of Ramadan. These programs focused on …

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    South African Qur’aan Union launched- Muslim Views, Community News

    The newly- formed South African Qur’aan Union recently hosted a number of successful Qur’aanic programs in Gauteng and Cape Town. …

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