South African Qur’aan teacher biographies


Moulana Abdul Hamid Is’haq

Hazrat Moulana Abdul-Hamid Ibn Ibrahim Is’haq was born on the 24th of Shawwaal, 1364 AH (20th September, 1946) on the auspicious day of Jumu’ah at 1 pm (Jumu’ah time) in Primrose, a district of Germiston, on the East Rand, as recorded by his father. Hazrat Moulana Sahib grew up in difficult conditions. The house in which Hazrat Moulana’s family lived was a stable which was converted into a home.

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Hafiz `Abdur Rahman Mia

Born on Thursday, 23 Jumad al-Ula 1336 (5 January 1911), this illustrious personality, fondly known as Shaikh Abba to many, who was to make the Qur`an a living force in himself and thousands of others, was born in Simlak, a village near Dabhel, district Surat, India. The family was known for their high degree of piety and Hafiz `Abdur Rahman received the benefit of excellent spiritual upbringing.

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Moulana Abubakr Khatib

Maulana Abu Bakr Khatib (may Allah enlighten his grave with His Noor), is well known generally throughout South Africa and particularly in Durban. He was born in a village called Damman in India on 13 Rabi-ul-Awwal 1320 AH (1900 AC) at 10:00am on a Thursday and hails from Arab descent.

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Quran Mosque

Moulana Qasim Sema

Darul `Ulum Newcastle, which grew through the farsightedness andunder the patronage of Hazrat Moulana Cassim M. Sema Saheb is one such institution, which has played an important role not only in Southern Africa but also in the East and Horn of Africa. It was the first Darul `Ulum to be established in this country and has a proud record of producing a large number of `Ulema who render their services in length and breadth ofAfrica.

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Moulana Saleem Gaibie

Cape Town has been blessed with some of the most prominent Qur’an reciters in South Africa. Amongst them is the very distinguished scholar and Qur’an teacher, Moulana Saleem Gaibie. Moulana Mohamed Saleem Gaibie commenced his memorization of the Holy Qur’an at the age of 15 years at one of the pristine Hifdh institutions in South Africa, Darul Uloom Zakariyya, based in Gauteng.

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Qari Ismail Desai

Subjects being taught by Qari Saheb: Qira`aat e Sab`ah, Asharah Kabeer and Sagheer, Mishkaat al - Masabeeh, Shatbiyyah, Durrah and Jazriyyah. Qari Saheb is known for his dedication for Qira`aat. Qari Saheb has students throughout the world ...

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Qari Ismail Essack Sahib

Ismail bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Sulaiman bin Ahmad- Birth Qari Ismail Sahib R.A. was born on the 31st of July 1955 in Newclare, a suburb of Johannesburg , Gauteng , South Africa . Initial years of education;After spending six years with his parents on the farm in Skeerport...

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Shaikh Yusuf Booley

Fifty years in the service of the Qur’an; On the 28th day of Ramadan (January 17 1999) Shaikh Mohamed Yusuf Booley, 68, was honored by the Rahmaniya Ahmedi Social Society for reciting the Holy Qur’an in Taraaweeh for 50 years in succession. This is a tribute to a master of Qur’anic recitation and a scholar who remains committed to serve the community.

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Sheikh Muhammad Adams

Sheikh Muhammad has at great financial sacrifice to himself and his family, dedicated his life to teaching the Holy Quran. He has had to play more than an educator`s role, nurturing, prompting, pushing, demanding excellence and committment, excercised extreme patience with students especially those going through the vulnerable and impressionable teenage years,

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