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  • Quran3

    Uzair Aziz Ismail

    Haafidh – Became a Hafiz – Ul – Qur`aan on the 9th of November 2007 after 2 years at Darul Uloom Pretoria in Laudium

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  • Quran

    Mohammed Abdul Carrim

    Haafidh – Memorized the Quran in Polokwane and Pretoria (Mahad al nur alIslamy).

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  • Quran6

    Jameel Ismail

    Haafidh – Completed the memorisation of the Quraan in July 2011 at Madrassah hifz-ul-quraan in Erasmia, Pretoria.

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  • Quran1

    Ali Bemath

    Haafidh – Completed hifz by Ml Vawda and Hafez Randeree in Ladysmith
    Presently an Aalim student at Darul Uloom Pretoria

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  • Quran8

    Zain Yousuf

    Haafidh – Completed hifz at Central Islamic school under the supervision of Sheikh Iqbal

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  • Quran7

    Shaakira Yousuf

    Haafidha – Completed hifz at Central Islamic School under Hafiz Abdul Kadir Beemath.

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  • Quran9

    Nazim Patel

    Haafidh – Studied at Miftah ul uloom, laudium

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