Women’s League

Women’s League

The South African Qur’aan Union’ Women’s League was officially launched on 9 August 2008, corresponding with National Women’s Day- a day when all South Africans reminisce on the valuable impact women made in the struggle and ultimate liberation of South Africa.

Whilst females plays an significant and chief role in the development of families, communities and nations, reserved efforts are made to create such platforms where females are given the opportunity to benefit from or to promote the teachings of the Holy Qur’aan.
South African Qur’aan Union in respecting the importance of hijaab and separation between sexes saw the need to incorporate a female section in the organization in an attempt to create a balance of activities for males and females respectively.

This section of the organization are coordinated by a group of females who are dedicated in creating platforms and activities to showcase the talent and expertise of local females who studied in South Africa or abroad. The aim of with this division is to inspire, motivate, and benefit the community with regards to the Holy Qur’aan in terms of its recitation, meanings, interpretation, and implementation whilst encouraging platforms for female interaction, proficiency, and learning.

Hence, the creation of the Women’s League conforms with the aspirations of the South African Qur’aan Union, which is to disseminate the knowledge of the Glorious Qur’aan to all persons regardless of gender, race, age or background.

The National Women’s Day program has become an annual event celebrating the rich legacy of women’s contribution in Islam and the society.